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My Possession, My Love (Jeff the Killer x Reader)
You were never the most popular kid in school. Then again, how surprising was that? Never one to be in the trends, (or even be too social, for that matter) you were a bully favorite. Here and there, a rumor would fly, someone would call you fat (fatty and fatso were also other favorites) and play stupid little pranks (like somehow managing to fill your locker with rocks, however they managed to do that). You didn’t let it bother you too much. After all, it was just words. So far, nobody seemed to have enough bully in them to go pushing you around, though they liked to block your path and insult you. Maybe even a shoulder shove here and there, but it wasn’t too bad. Or so you convinced yourself.
Another day of school passed and you walked home, per the usual. You used to take the bus, but after multiple songs about ugly people and sticking gum wads in your (h/c) (h/l) hair, your mother insisted you walk home. No protesting there, but there was always a feeling of being watch
:iconakitheshinigami:AkitheShinigami 518 305
Missing chapter 2
you wake up in a strange bed, in a unfamiliar room of a mansion you had never see before in you're entire life.
"w-wher- why does my head hurt?" you ask out loud not expecting for anyone to answer
"oh, you're awake. A guest of my father's I assume. I'll get him for you." you hear a slightly rough girl's voice, in her voice you could hear a touch of anger and a hint of insanity but a strange kind tone coated it all. you're eye's dart to the source of the noise. you see a girl with pale flesh almost white her eye's were covered by long curly black hair. her lip's were painted a delicate red, that of a delicate stone, a ruby colour.
"HEY DAD!!!! she's awake!" the girl yelled from the door way. in a second flat there was a tall slender man stood infront of you. you let out a small scream. the girl face palmed as the tall man you knew as slenderman tried to calm you down. you heard the girl laugh as you finally began to slingly relax
"I- just - can I please go home?"
"no, sorry. you've been
:iconzeroinkfan4evaon:zeroinkfan4evaon 25 18
Missing (slender man x reader) ch1 dare gone wrong
missing (selnder man x reader)
chapter one: dare gone wrong
you and you're friend's were hannging out as usual on a saturday morning.
"so what are we gonna do?" you ask sitting on a high brick wall.
"DARES!" one of you're friends blurt's out "Me first! (Y/N) give me a dare!"
"Okay." after about an hout of dare's you're mate pipe's up
"Hey (Y/N) you haven't donee one dare yet. so we'll give you the ultimate dare to make up for the six you missed, but there's a catch, you have to do it. it's not optional."
"f-fine" you murmer seeing the glint in her eye and feeling quite scared. truth be told you were a bit of a chicken and that's why you avoided dares so much.
"okay! I dare you to spend a week in the wood's up at the north."
"but isn't that the one with that's k-k-killer in hear?" you're friend smirks
"you seriously belive that?!?" she laughs right I'll drive you to my house and we can get you all the suplise you will want and need so it's not so bad." you nod.
two hour's later you are
:iconzeroinkfan4evaon:zeroinkfan4evaon 66 15
Slender Man X Reader Chapter 1-Stalked
Y/n- Your Name
F/c- Favorite Colour
You were just a normal girl from a normal family, that is, until one of your friends, Tina had told you about 'Slender man' she asked you at school.
"Hey,[y/n]!"She whispered from right beside you. You looked up from your desk, almost about to pass out from the teacher's boring class "What is it, Tina?"You asked her curiously "Have you ever heard of Slender man?" She asked you through quiet whispers "Ahem. Ladies, is there something that you would like to share with the entire class?"Grouched your least favorite teacher, Mrs. Carroll "No ma'am..."You both said simultaneously. After the class, your friend asked you again as you were walking to your locker to get your things so you could go home "Well, have you?"She asked, aching with curiosity. "No. I haven't heard of Slender man." You told her. "Wow. I can't believe you haven't! He's everywhere! You ought to sea
:iconloverofliterature:LoverofLiterature 215 122
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